Give Deliberate Luxury

Right around this time of year I start thinking about setting intentions and showing thanks. This year I am thinking about wellness, the beauty of imperfection, comfort, the new luxury: experiences and adventure!


1. Stardust and Mermaid Pillows

    Give someone an update to their environment. It’s a nice way to remind them that their living space is a canvas. Let’s celebrate one’s surroundings and be a curator of your own oasis! Little changes make a big difference! Pillows can be an easy way to celebrate the season or be a gentle reminder that there is beauty all around you.

    2. Labradorite Heart

      The gift of transformation: labradorite, the stone of transformation. New year, new beginnings! Do you want to redefine your priorities? 2018 is the year to redefine yourself. Labradorite is pleasantly cool to the touch. It’s a tiny sensory object - some may even call it a fidget. They say there is “fire” in this stone... rainbows, and magical shimmers. We all have light in us. Remember to let that shine!


      3. Silk Fleece Throw

        I believe in magic. And silk fleece is kinda like a magical material. Luxuriously soft, warm and lightweight, many don’t realize silk has natural anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, which makes it perfect for travel or sharing with young children. Silk fleece is a bit unusual. It's perfect for someone sensitive and can be used all year long.

        4. Cashmere Jet Setter Kit

          The new luxury is experiences. Although I'd love to, I can't gift somebody an adventure trip... that would be really hard, like surprising someone with a puppy. What I can do is gift a gentle reminder the spirit of “carpe diem!” Wait...“cozy carpe diem!” Gift someone comfort for their trip. Whether Cairo or Casablanca, Palm Springs or the front porch, we all have moments where we need to cozy up and rest, or maybe just take in the cool air of a beautiful evening. Encourage someone to take a trip and luxuriate in taking that journey and in experiencing the world. I take this Jet Setter Kit with me everywhere - and yes, for the record, my local beach counts as adventure. Friday night lights, sitting around the campfire, as well as a night in the Sahara - cashmere is aways first class.


          5. Signature Velvet Pillow

            I launched my business with the Signature Velvet Collection... It is still our bestseller. Now it’s collected by the Brooklyn Museum - hard to believe! Each one - with all their bug bites and imperfect crinkles in leaves - is an opportunity to remember that there is beauty in imperfection. There is always a timeless elegance with items inspired by nature. Join us and celebrate the handmade, the artists, and the maker this holiday season. oxoxo aviva

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