Falling hard for harvest.

Capture the moment in 3 easy steps.

An art project for kids with mother nature as a teacher, good for any age, is an opportunity to discuss gratitude. Take the time to celebrate imperfection, and capture a moment spent together.

It’s easy to share your gratitude. Share what you know. And you know a lot! I decided to share art and celebrate the harvest season by helping my neighbors pick up dried leaves and also use them to make leaf prints...leaf only footsteps and gratitude…teehee!


1. Any surface

2. Fabric or paper

3. Leaf

4. Paint

Step 1

Invite someone to share the project with! I am grateful to be able to share my art with my community. I had the privilege of visiting my kids’ school this past week with the 1st and 3rd graders. I decided on a project that invited anyone to be an artist. So I recruited Mother Nature- as I often do- to make it easy. I had 6 year olds, some with special needs, and 8 year olds- most all with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Paint the leaf anyway you want! No rules!

Step 2

Prep your art space: I created a messy painting station. All that was required was putting layers of plastic wrap over a table…this was so the teacher didn’t get mad at me for ruining anything…

I used what I had around the house: baking tins for my pallet and sponges with handles that were very inexpensive from Michael’s arts and crafts. 

Step 3

Paint on the leaves using whatever you have! Sponges, fingers, paper towels…I used inexpensive acrylic paint that I applied in a mottled way on real leaves – you can also use faux leaves, but real ones are always prettiest!

The leaves do not need to be painted perfectly. We are all beautifully imperfect. The leaves are each unique and perfect in their own way. (Moment of learning here! Celebrate your own beauty!)

Paint the leaf and place it color down on the fabric. Cover with a wet wipe or dampened paper towel and press down.

I encouraged the kids to “smash” them down and make turkey gobble gobble noises while they do it, because it comes out prettier. Not sure at what grade they will stop believing me...

Here’s how they turned out!

The first grade teacher Ms. M has this cool long line in the hallway….each were sooo pretty!


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