Crystal Eye Mask | Jade

Warning! Our Crystal Eye masks are a little bit magical.  Find a comfortable spot, and place the mask over your eyes. Notice the cool, weight begin with your eyes and notice how the weight of the crystals anchor you to the earth.   It may feel as though it pushes gravity along to pull the stress, the fatigue and the bad vibes out of your body.  The cool crystals along with the powerful properties of these crystals combine to almost have an out of body experience.  Try it in the bath or in your favorite cozy nest.   You'll thank us for the ticket to the land of immediate "inhale good and exhale bad".  May we gently suggest  you set an alarm to come back to Earth?  It's always good to have a return plan.  :-)

 Jade is the ultimate good luck charm.
The vibrant shades of green and emerald are a symbol of growth and vitality, which makes it a stone that stands for wealth, and longevity. Jade is linked to abundance and good fortune and promotes prosperity in every aspect of your life. Ready for beast mode? Jade baby.

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