Gratitude Box | Fall 2020

Fallin' Hard for Dream Chasing - Our Fall Gratitude Box

Silicim supports grace under pressure and can sharpen your focus and increase your mental activity.   It enables you to perceive the truth in situations, find the facts from a barrage of conflicting information. It promotes positive energy and purify energy of mind, body, and spirit.

Stardust intention journal: start your dream chasing today with our brand new collection of journals.. size is perfect or a back pocket or a purse, so you can  quickly note your dreams, sketches, and thoughts.  It can begin today,  we’ve written in the first page to get you started.

Bottle of gold leaf flakes:  to add to your manicure, cocktail, or bath tub. Gold symbolizes purity in a spiritual sense and has healing and curing properties. 

Black cashmere arm warmers:  these cutie pie things double as leg warmers for littles.  It’s 100% cashmere. Not sure what else needs to be said!

Dried oranges: perfect for the batch tub, cocktails and to add to your crystal collection for to celebrate the season

Skull on pedestal:  We love October and all the spookiness associated with it.  This little moment of Boo can be left out all year round: a gentle reminder of “we came to slay”.

Agate is known as one of the oldest healing stones on earth. moss agate was used as a talisman to make warriors victorious in battle. it helps to balance three different yet essential energies: the emotional, physical, and intellectual.

Due to its close association with the earth, the moss agate can be used for grounding purposes. This helps a user or wearer to become more stabilized.

Some may say it's a showcase of all that is good at the Aviva Stanoff Design Studio - other's  may say it's exactly what the we all needed. This box has been designed to have as little impact on the planet as possible.  Shipping is included. Please enjoy 10% off of order of 3 or more boxes.  This product has limited quantities.

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