Fluorite Tetrahedron necklace length 32”

Fluorite has the most beautiful shades of greens to purples. Each stone is different in its emerald like gorgeousness but each has the ability to remove negative patterns, and supports in balancing and grounding you.  It has the ability to anchor ideas into place and aids in decision making and concentration. It does this by supporting calm and taking away distractions. We love that there is a special additional super power with Fluorite:  It amplifies in water and instantly releases tension and stress.    

Tetrahedron shape is a beautiful form that represents the fire element.  This element is thought to be the center of personal power, acceptance, and the shape represents a connection between the natural balance between the spiritual and the physical. It is a symbol of balance and stability – being able to settle and be grounded on any side she falls. The tetrahedron has unlimited uses for healing, gridwork, energy and manifesting – oh, and of course being fabulous. 

*Please note that all minerals and crystals are natural products designed by Mother Nature. Each specimen is unique, with variations in color, form, and shape. We would like to gently remind you that the item you will receive will not be the exact item as pictured.

The Aviva Stanoff Design studio celebrates the beauty of imperfection found in nature. We believe this is what makes these items so wonderful.

All our accessories are hand-selected for their natural gorgeousness and curated with love from our design studio in Southern California.

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