Aviva Stanoff founded her eponymous design studio in 2004, and formalized the company as a home décor brand in 2007 as Aviva Stanoff Design. Since then, she has manufactured and sourced home décor creations that embody deliberate luxury. The artisanal point of view that makes her products singular is Aviva’s attention to detail, which flows from her creative spirit. This extends back to include generations of makers with Japanese and Russian roots. “I celebrate that I am a woman business owner and a child of immigrants,” says Aviva. “I feel dutiful to honor these forces that helped shape me by continuing the legacy they began.” Aviva sees every product she designs as a canvas regardless the material forming it, a sentiment that inspired the Brooklyn Museum of Art to include her surfaces designs in their permanent collection.


The fact that Aviva’s entrée into the world of textile arts was centered around the runway is evident in the products she designs, as is the exquisiteness of the hand of the her material, and the surprising addition of natural elements; combined, they make each piece a veritable ensemble. Her early triumphs in her career led to commissions from Christian Dior, Givenchy Couture and Donna Karan, among others; and her work with Calvin Klein upon graduation earned her a mention in Vogue. Soon after her move from fashion into home décor, the company she founded was garnering mentions in major publications that include a “Best Bet” nod from The New York Times


The long list of companies who have clamored to sell the items she and her team create is distinguished—from Bergdorf Goodman’s, Tiffany’s and Barney’s New York to ABC Carpet & Home, Art Van and Neiman Marcus. To Aviva, freedom of speech equals freedom of art: “I feel blessed to be a member of such a strong tribe made up of talented women everywhere, and makers of both gender from so many nations,” she notes. "It puts a fire in my belly to be expressive in a way that produces a level of beauty I hope will feel inspiring to others."


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