Bohemian Set of 3 Pillows ( Two 18x18 and One 12x20)

  • $149.00

A set for the spirit filled with wanderlust, the explorer, the romantic. She follows no rules, is a free spirit, a dream chaser. She celebrates the whimsy, the romantic, the "off the beaten path". This is a limited edition set - the oblong pillow in 12x20 has a brushed gold paisley printed on velvet, the 18x18 is a heavily embroidered Bohemian floral in all over sequins. The 20x20 is hand-beaded and is called "Shimmy" made with wooden beads, softened in an enzyme wash - the pillow is called "shimmy" because the beads dance just the way our princess would under the moonlight, with the stars above and the sand beneath her feet.