Dye Kit: We are all Artists

Aviva loves to Paint.  What she may love even more is sharing that experience with others.  She is known to share her painting activations all over the world and this kit was designed to allow anyone from anywhere to share that experience with her.  We invite you to share the beauty and wellness that comes from the act of painting from anywhere.  You can even have this kit as something that you can paint when Aviva' goes live!  This specially curated "We are all Artists" box includes: and instructional card,  a 20" square silk kerchief, a silk habotai scarf with rolled edges( 8"x54"), 2 colors of dye ( just add water), 2 squeeze bottles, 2 pairs of gloves, salt, and two zip ties.  4 clothing pins, string to hang your fabric when dyeing.  All you need to do is add water and bring an open mind and spirit.   Please watch Aviva's YouTube episode called "Gravity" or "One Love" for more information and inspiration to paint on fabric.

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