Lavender Sachets set of three Signature Velvet

I love lavender! I love that it has that lovely mood enhancing magic – it always surprises me that the scent lasts and lasts. I created these mini sachets from left over silks and velvets from my signature collection. Instead of tossing away the edges of our handprinted fabric, I decided to turn them into miniature pillows! So, I filled them with lavender, backed them in silk organza, transforming them into mini mobile spa treatments for your pocket.  

Are you a jetsetter? Bring them with you when you travel! A yogi and essential oil lover? (Who isn’t?) These are perfect for you! Do you love a tiny whisper of lavender when you are getting dressed? Tuck them into your lingerie drawer! I have one next to my bed – it guarantees sweet dreams.  Size:  3"x3"

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