Mini Selenite Heart

Free Gift of Good Vibes

Selenite is known for its healing energy, high vibration and delivering clarity of mind. Hearts, good vibes, magic - who doesn't need a little bit of that sometimes? 

Here's a little secret I'd like to share with you: I  carry a tiny selenite heart in my pocket whenever I speak in front of a larger group or deliver a presentation, or when I'm flying anywhere. I wasn't born with special powers. So I surround myself with little reminders like this to channel my inner strength. My selenite heart gives me good vibes whether it's in my purse, my pocket or my hand. Sometimes, you just gotta hang on to something, you know?

This tiny heart-shaped selenite and I are reporting for duty: join our movement and believe in magic.

XoX aviva

Limit 1 heart per person. Shipping not included.

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