Opalite Intention Bracelet

Our beloved Intention Bracelets are not only a delightfully delicate accessory, but also a secret weapon. We call them "Intention" bracelets because when we wear them, we attract the properties associated with the crystals. Stack them and see what happens with your own crystal cocktail of "boom boom pow!" Join us in whispering your ferocity... as they say, speak softly and wear crystals. :-) These bracelets are adjustable, and fit to any size perfectly. They soften with wear and are meant for everyday. Stack them or gift them for extra super powers and good vibes.

Opalite symbolizes clear thinking, new beginnings, and the feeling of wanting to do a “Happy Dance”.  It is a man- made material created from glass with a unique characteristic of being opalescent. For spiritual purposes, compared to other stones that come from the Earth, this material is used for more straightforward challenges in life. Great for quick mood boosts – this white, blue, cloudy, yet pearly material is guaranteed to make your inner fire calm in moments of angst. In a world of chaos, unrest, and uncertainty, we can guarantee that Opalite will bring a bit of happy and “hooray” to your world.  And I think you might agree, we all need a bit of that. xoxo


*Please note that all minerals and crystals are natural products designed by Mother Nature. Each specimen is unique, with variations in color, form, and shape. We would like to gently remind you that the item you will receive will not be the exact item as pictured.

The Aviva Stanoff Design studio celebrates the beauty of imperfection found in nature. We believe this is what makes these items so wonderful.

All our accessories are hand-selected for their natural gorgeousness and curated with love from our design studio in Southern California.


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