May 23, 2018 3 min read

The thing about creatives is that we are all different. Exploring creativity that lives within you is a good thing. The outcome doesn’t matter as much as the journey. 

Today’s blog post is a behind the scenes look at the different environments of some of our favorite creatives. We are messy. We are meticulous, we are adventurous, our spaces all look different. What does your creative space look like? Do you have an art project or doodles that you can never seem to get to? I hope this post inspires to you channel your inner creative and set aside some space and time to let yourself be free to play. No pressure. No need to be perfect, Just let yourself be free.

My son Hiro shows us there is pleasure in being in the moment. Here is a look at all the things that surround me as a creative every day - some of my tools, techniques, and experiments (mess) are shared here.

Have an Art Playdate!

When Creative have playdates...

I often have playdates in my studio with other Creatives. It was my honor to have Tiffany’s New York in the design studio: we smiled, dyed silk and painted jewels in the classic Tiffany Blue. No surprise there - right? This team works on an iconic brand, but I noticed that the light, the smiles, those eyes that sparkled were the same as when I painted with my son’s 3rd grade class. There is something to this art-making and setting-aside-time-to-be-creative thing… It makes people happy and smiley.

Master Makers in Morocco

A workshop in Casablanca, Morocco! Masters at work, carving on plaster. They are amazing in their patience, being able to carve with precision. Many hours are spent being still and diligently practicing perfection that intersect with more precision. Personally- as a maker that has the opposite style - this was staggeringly impressive. We all have different styles of serving that creativity. What is your flavor?

Traditional Maker

This woman is a dyer and a weaver.  I met her in Casablanca, Morocco. She begins with the wool from her sheep, then spins the yarn by hand with a spindle, and then dyes it in henna. This is a technique passed down by generations. She spun so fast it was like watching a living watercolor! She sat so quietly it was like meditation.. Her hands worked as she chatted with me. It was second nature - she was making without thinking about it. She made it look easy. I could not imagine her doing anything else… the calm that surrounded her and the fluidity of her hands working was a beauty that I will never forget. She reminded me that for some of us, the art is our meditation. Though the outcome is beautiful, the time it took to get there is that beauty that lives within us.

Artists need a few things to begin...

Here I am painting the vintage silk kimono fabrics for the United Nations.

I think the most important thing about making is taking the time to create a space that is suitable for what you want to do. Pick materials that you adore, and be mindful of what your tools are. Be sure you can get messy! When choosing brushes, let them choose you. Your hands will feel “right” when you have the right tools. :-) When the space is right and you begin to paint, time will stop. And suddenly, hours will have gone by.  

Words Are Art Too...!

This is a creative, and her space is mostly papers and inspiration, reading materials and words! Neat!

As an editor-in-chief at the Hearst building, this creative surrounds herself with reminders of positivity, good vibes, and tools to stay on task.

I liked the big words tossed casually around - it was very Girl Boss! I loved the combo of directing and creating - impressive and inspiring!

As a creative, making design is my everyday and I try not to take it for granted. I hope you can join me in celebrating the gift of being creative. Enjoy the search, the exploration - and dream big!  I’d love to hear and see your projects.

xoxo aviva


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