November 08, 2017 2 min read

We all need a break sometimes. I've noticed that a mere few moments to myself, doing art just for the sake of art and not for the purpose of anything other than to rest for a few moments, has amazing effects on my wellness. Painting is like knitting- it takes you away.  Your hands may be working but really your brain is just playing, resting…For some, this is baking.  For others: coloring books, or crosswords…

I like to paint on any surface: leftover fabrics, cardboard, chalkboards, old windows, discarded objects. The less precious the better. This releases me from the pressure of “doing a good job” or making “art."  

Here we go! I bet you all have this stuff right now in your office, house, garage, kitchen... or vanity:

1. Identify your canvas: you can repurpose anything with a surface (cardboard, a hardcover book you don’t want anymore, file folders, that Amazon Prime box, an old shirt… etc.). Here, I found a pumpkin left over from Halloween, a top to some candies and a couple of animals from the forgotten toys box…

2. Find some inexpensive paint: any store has paint, and we often have some leftover in our garage or my kids' craft supply tubs. You can even use food coloring, nail polish you are completely over – really anything!

Here are some household sponges I cut up and made into hearts.

3. Choose your application: sponges (kitchen), squeeze bottles, spray bottles (leftover from household cleaning), rags, sliced potatoes, wet paper towels, Lego’s, Q-tips.

4. Improvise a pallet: paper plate, an old Tupperware lid, cardboard – anything with a surface and it doesn’t have to be smooth. Here, I used a pumpkin left over from Halloween and decided to make it fancy for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.

5. Admire your work. Hooray YOU for taking the time to play and be creative!

We dried ours outside.

Thank you for being brave and for joining me on my painting adventure. I hope, even for a few minutes, you were able to be free of the everyday chaos. Xoxo a

Aviva Stanoff Design
Aviva Stanoff Design

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