May the Quartz be with You


The Quartz that lives on my desk... 


Quartz is known in the world of crystals as the "All Healer" or the "Master Healer"  If I were stranded on an island, need to speak in public, or need a go to gift that is good for almost anyone,  it's Quartz. It's my favorite not because I can't stop looking at it, but It's been trending for hundreds of years! It has a long history of healing - not just in our country but all over the world. This tradition of crystals and healing is not just a right now -  this fascination with sparkles form the earth has spanned hundreds of years..  Some call it crystal-ology.. Some call it magic.  I call it "Sparkletunity". :-)  I also call it "that one's not for sale".  Teehee!

The one I'm holding in the picture above is a polished quartz from Brazil. The one I'm holding in the picture was given to me after I bought a couple of tons of all different types of material: amethyst, aragonite, rose quartz, calcite.. Every time I buy from the gentleman who owns the mine, he gifts me something... it is always quartz.The one pictured above was the first specimen he gave me.  He said:  "You mustn't sell this, this one is special."  When the  man who sells quartz tells you a specific specimen is special - it cannot be taken lightly.  It signaled to me early on that this "trend" has more to it than pretty. The one he gave me has  inclusion. ( that's when the crystal has something inside of it- usually enhances the power of the properties associated with the stone.This one had a heart shape with golden daggers. I have this piece on my desk.. it stays there.  It grounds me and visually reminds me that all is well..

heart inclusion pictured


my lady watches over me at work next to my desk


When I was looking deeper into the history of quartz, I learned that  In ancient times, quartz crystals were laid over cuts,  and other minor injuries. It was thought that it would speed the healing process and give comfort to those in pain.


quartz geodes... we cracked these  open at market!  

"What is the deal with charging crystals? " I get asked this a lot. 

Here are a few ways to charge up those sparkles: 

Smoke:  Hover your crystal over smoke.. this could be a smudge situation of sage or just any fire or smoke..

Intention: Hold the Quartz in the palm of your hand and set an intention that the crystal be cleared of all bad energy. Visualize your Quartz being surrounded by a white  intend any negativity to be transformed to positive light energy.

Moonbeams: Lay it outside during a full moon this method of crystal cleansing balances and centers the energy and removes the negativity from the crystal.

Flower Petal Bath: Quartz crystals can also benefit from a flower petal bath. Soak your crystals for 24 hours in a bath of rose petals, orange blossoms, or honeysuckle if you want to strip away the negativity from the crystals.

Holding them under cool, flowing water, such as a spring, river, or lake, or even your kitchen faucet, is another effective way of cleansing Quartz.

You can enhance this method by visualizing the water clearing out any negative energy and going away.

Sunlight is also a great way to clear your Quartz crystals. Let them catch some rays for a few hours to help them recharge. Just put them on the sill for the day.

There is a certain romance to ritual.. especially ones that make me feel like I am doing something toward bringing positivity to my life or others. Just in case anyone was interested in "charging" or "cleansing" crystals, here are a few easy peasy ways that anyone can do almost anywhere. For the record, I'd like to note that this is not something I do for all my rocks all the time...

I invite crystals into my life for fun and for decorative reasons. The fact that they have magical properties associated with them makes them that much more delightful to me.  It's like a pretty object with perks.  :-) Besides,  just in case their magic is real- why not celebrate these beautiful gifts from the earth?  We can call it crystal-ology, charging crystals,  or maybe its just  "a peaceful moment to ourselves decompressing". I like having more reasons to touch sparkly rocks, and chasing after moonbeams and sunshine. Last I checked, these activities  are good for all of us..  am I right?   


Now Beauties go forth and Sparkle!  And May the Quartz be with You.  :-) We believe in magic. Join the movement.The first 10 people to comment on this blog post will receive a gift of quartz from me.


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