August 02, 2019 2 min read

    This week we present a brand new collection in collaboration with York Wall Coverings. This collection is inspired by my Signature Collection which is anchored in nature. Each wall treatment started with my textile inspiration. My brand celebrates the beauty of imperfection and it is in the wild that I feel most free. 

    York Wall Coverings has been manufacturing in the United States since 1895.  We're made in the USA! They have been guardians of the old-school way of making wall treatments. I like that about them.

    Theres is a giant machine there that takes up a huge, big warehouse.  It is noisy, made of wood, and has lots of moving parts that need to be finessed. She has about 7-10 handlers making sure she's happy. In a world of manufacturing diva's, this lady has been the slaying since the turn of the century.  In fact, she is the only one left running in the United States. She's a survivor. I like that too. If I was giving high fives, this would be the first one.  


     I was excited to be launching this Wall Coverings collection with York, but there was a surprise twist! It turns out I am part of a special curated project called "Women's Voices: Bold, Equal, Powerful." It's not just a launch of  wallpapers - it's being part of A Movement! I am so honored to be featured alongside iconic designers Ms. Candice Olson and Ms. Florence Broadhurst.  How cool is that? It's a launch, it's a movement, it's another high five moment.


      There is honor in celebrating artists, and I thank York Wall Coverings for giving me the opportunity to share my art with others in this product category. Creating enables me to be inclusive. It is my small way of making the world smaller and connecting with people that I may never have known, loved, or learned from. It is when we are together we shine the brightest.

       I hope that this collection inspires you to listen when inspiration whispers in your ear. To have your eyes wide open when you meet someone that may be a kindred spirit. Maybe, just maybe magic will happen. Anything is possible if you  just believe. Now go out there and chase your dreams. Last "high five" for the this blog post. 

    xoxo Aviva

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    Cayla Evans
    Cayla Evans

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    DeAnna Hain
    DeAnna Hain

    August 24, 2018

    There is so much buzz and excitement throughout the York Wall family about this stunningly decadent collection. Watch out Aviva fans! You’re about to remodel your entire house!

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