Angel Aura Quartz Cluster


Just looking at Aura quartz makes one’s eyes happy. It is known to be able to fill you with the pure magic of optimism. As a high vibrational stone, aura quartz has the ability to allow you to tune into its energy to feel your sense of love, for the world, others and life in general, rejuvenated. We like to call it a cocktail of natural and precious metals. We start with hi-vibing crystals and plate them with high grade metals such as platinum and silver. The result is magical and undeniable.

Crystal clusters and geodes have the same type of properties. They both have strong vibrational energies because of the many points specific to this form. Each little point emits its own energy making the geode very powerful. It is perfect for charging or cleansing smaller crystals. Clusters come in all shapes and forms and each is unique in its own way. Clusters are especially powerful in putting forth energy because of all the points and sparkles. The points in a cluster migrate together and bring good vibes, positive energy and block negative energy in any space they are in. its like having an army of sparkle. Clusters support being energized mentally and physically. They are also associated with being able to aide one in decision making, cleansing, and protecting. use them in a bedrooms, classrooms, healing centers, in the bath or shower to cleanse the energy.

*Please note that all minerals and crystals are natural products designed by Mother Nature. Each specimen is unique, with variations in color, form, and shape. We would like to gently remind you that the item you will receive will not be the exact item as pictured.

The Aviva Stanoff Design studio celebrates the beauty of imperfection found in nature. We believe this is what makes these items so wonderful.

All our specimens are hand-selected for their natural gorgeousness and curated with love from our design studio in Southern California.

* Information provided is not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.  Aviva Stanoff Design offers our products with positive intentions and with wellness in mind. Descriptions of properties, qualities and meanings shared for each unique crystal refer to the benefits that have been noted in our research on how the gemstones have been used by different cultures today and throughout history.  It includes perspectives of healers, shamans and those who have considered different perspectives on healing and wellness.   We do not recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment and do not claim they cure or heal medical conditions. Please always listen to the advice of your medical professional and only use crystals as a complementary therapy in addition to medical treatment. Please note they are not intended to replace diagnosis of illness or ailments, nor medicine and cannot imply a guarantee of effect.

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