Stardust in Charcoal | Stardust Collection | Duvet

The Stardust Collection celebrates elevation. We all love the beautiful starry skies at night. The spirit of reaching for the stars is beautiful. With this collection, we invite you to dream with us, float with us, and celebrate light, both within and above.

These hand- painted textiles are a showcase of how artful our dye masters are at Aviva Stanoff Design. No two are ever alike, yet each celebrates the beauty of the unexpected when colors intermingle. This is where Aviva has mastered the beauty of imperfection, the perfect clashing of artisan, gravity, and magic. Hand Made with Love in our design studio in California

Please note that you have selected a Signature technique that is made to order just for you! Our Award- Winning Textiles are Handmade.  These items take a bit longer than our other Collections we offer. These techniques are what make our design studio a bit special.  We love that you selected this item but we wanted to make sure that we manage your expectations gracefully.  Normal lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks. If you need us to ship faster, please contact us directly so we may assist you with your order.  Thank you!

Winner of Arts Award "Best Textiles in Home Furnishings"  2019 



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