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ABC Home is an iconic retailer that I have orbited with for over 10 years. It is an unusually delightful place and if  were to stow away and secretly be able to live in a retail store it would be this one.  It's not just that there are whimsical, artisinal, gorgeousness everywhere you look. 



It's also not that it supports fair labor standards and pairs itself with multi talented companies and designers from all over the world and has an affinity to celebrate pink all year round.  I think it's because its soulful, and spirited, and I feel that as someone that believes in magic, the world is less lonely with ABC home in it.   It has been a wonderful journey of maker and merchant.  over the years, this is place has become my informal home sweet NYC for my collections. 

I visit often for meetings, events, to shop and visit my pillows.   They all seem pretty happy when i visit - as if the pillows know they are on their way to the most refined, curated, and magical spaces - a reflection of the people that shop there. :-)

ABC home is not just a retailer. It's really a lifestyle of being mindful. Gentle reminders everywhere to honor your well being, your creative spirit, the artists of the world. These aren't displays: they are altars.  


ABC and I host workshops, live paint, and activation's on a regular basis. It is usually around the holidays. It's one of the most favorite things during the year.  i bring silk and dyes; and ABC brings drop cloth and a prayer that I don't get pink dye on the priceless Buddha and crystals that are in the "zone'. 

The technique I used for the live paint is called Gravity. It's an inclusionary treatment of dye on silk that only requires silk, water, dye, and gravity.  It has no boundaries of ability, language, or any kind.. Anyone can do it regardless of ability.  

At first, everyone is a bit shy and a bit on the reserved side. By the end we are al smiley, and giggly - A beautiful mess of artist, merchant, and "civilian".  It's the art that pulls us together - and it really feels like the "real" world melts away for a few moments and we are all just playing with colors and well, just playing.  It's a beautiful thing which i am grateful to experience regularly.  this connectivity to ABC, the customers is really what i have come to enjoy.  We are all together.  Inspiration Tribe. We all need each other to make it work.  





Bold Merchant Success
Bold Merchant Success

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