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A new study came out, it appears we are all made of Stardust. Hooray!  It all makes sense now!  Check it out here! 

The Stardust Collection celebrates elevation. We all love the beautiful starry skies at night.The spirit of reaching for the stars is beautiful. With this collection, we invite you to dream with us, float with us, and celebrate light, both within and above.

Our collection has always been made in the USA and hand- painted to order. Recently I've been really inspired by stars, constellations and things that are generally above and below the earth... I guess I feel like seeing what else is out there.

My stardust collection celebrates exploration. The relationship between silk, gravity, water and metallic details inspired by nature. As in most of my collections, no two are ever alike, yet we maintain continuity of color and design. I often say that we celebrate a Deliberate Luxury.

It's a daily meditation in offering things that are beautifully imperfect. With each collection my intention is to celebrate this beauty of imperfection - as it lives within each of us. In fact, it lives within everything that is alive, growing, that exists on this planet in mother natures family of beings.  

Find Dreamchaser here.





Recently we launched a wall covering collection with the renowned York Wallcoverings company. The stardust design became a mural, and I think it would be fair that that she is the tiara of the entire collection. It doesn't surprise me that she became Queen Bee of the book. She is inspired by the stars after all. 

"Aviva Stanoff uses the creative process to bring fine art mastery to the realms of luxury living through her signature interpretation of the mysterious beauty of the natural world; Aviva Stanoff… Deliberate Luxury." -York Wallcoverings

In our Design Tribe, I like to say we "orbit" together... I like to say this on purpose.... We all float around together in our own orbits - work, school, groceries, fabric store, taco store, fabric store, bestie's house, beach, beach, market, etc.. I visualize all of us moving around... It is like we are all in orbit and once in awhile we cross and it's beautiful.

We shine so bright together or it's something miraculous like a blood moon eclipse.. It's fun to think of us, you and me this way... The world feels smaller and I feel part of the big picture. In my small way, this is why I think stardust has been such a good seller..  She unites us. The gold star details that we paint on each time to order, those are all of us.  We're not perfect, but that's ok... I've decided to keep shining, keep celebrating the light we have together and by the way , you are beautiful just the way you are. The stars told me so.



Bold Merchant Success
Bold Merchant Success

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