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I have always celebrated hand- work and nature. There is something called "Wild Silk" in our Signature Collection. No, it is not my Saturday night outfit when I'm out with my girls. It's an example of our "Deliberate Luxury". It is the way we bring silk to market with intention.

The silk worms are harmed in the process of harvesting the cocoon. In mass manufacturing, silk worms are raised for their cocoons and to be put gently, they are raised to just have their cocoons taken away. Along the way, thought unpleasant, the reality is their lives are lost. In nature, this is not how it goes...

In our Wild Silk Collection we love that these little beings discard their cocoons when they want to and go on with their lives and the cycle of life and cocooning.  It is a worm we are talking about here..  but life, even tiny, is still a life. She is on her journey as well. No one is harmed by bringing Wild Silk to our customers! First High five here! Read more about the silk worms life here.

The collection is woven on hand looms from a time ago by a women's collective in India. The school was founded in October 2008. It is one of the few places where they are keeping the hand spun and hand loomed trade alive. With the future advancing more and more into machine based, I like to support the traditional methods to help keep the magic alive.


Wild Silk has a lot of personality, she's stubby, soft, raw, and is what silk is in its purest woven form.  I think that's why I love her so... She just keeps it real. The yarn rough yet beautiful, and the color is straight as it is in nature. It is not dyed. It beautifully imperfect and captures the spirit of pure textile. It is the perfect canvas for this artist.  A canvas that celebrates the combination of Nature, Harmony with our environment, and Artist being free and bringing things to market without harm to the environment.  I a sense it's a tiny glimpse of that utopian future we all wish for.  Peace on Earth through Art - who's in?   I believe in magic.  Join the movement.



Bold Merchant Success
Bold Merchant Success

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