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I am fluid in the world and well versed in city hopping.  Some people call it jet setting ( jet sponsors welcome to email me here)

I go where the wind blows me.  And sometimes it’s a storm. Clients presentation, new collection development with partner, inspiration hunting…full moon viewing… you never know. I love this motion, the wanderlust flows through my veins, and when I’m passing through all those airports, and terminals.. it brings me joy to be orbiting with all those other adventurers… I’ve traveled my whole life. Summers in Japan and Paris for a long weekends, and or jumping aboard The World Residences at Sea once year for a trunk show. Eyes wide open to new people, culture and inspiration all the time.

Below, I share my tips on getting from point A to point B.

I’m an extrovert..  Somehow I get tangled up with people.  All kinds of people. I kind of love it, and sometimes it’s hard to turn off. The “A listers have just as much light as the kids in my son’s 4th grade class." If you are open to that light it doesn’t matter where you go for an adventure – Downtown or Bali – there is beauty everywhere. So get out there and see the world!

My number one thing for travel is to wear an “I’m not friendly” outfit. It’s really to protect you from me. I like band shirts – scruffy ones. Misfits, Metallica, Blondie… I wear all black and definitely wear my Doc Martin boots.

Another secret weapon is a little reminder of comfort of home.  This is usually a little bento box that my mother in law packs me for most flights.  I appreciate this home cooking and it keeps me company while I’m in the air… It's super helpful in the falling asleep part too to have some good mama’s cooking. A touch of home goes a long way when constantly in motion.

My guilty pleasure is to download true crime shows…  The stories unfolding, all the serious voices,  and the clues and mystery unfolding somehow takes me away from the pressure of my awaiting meetings…  I get nervous speaking in front of others. When I spoke at FIT I took a redeye. I knew when I landed I had to speak in front of a fairly large crowd and I had to rest.  I loaded up “A Crime to Remember” – sort of a Madmen meets Law and Order and was asleep before we hit 10k feet. I completely missed the drinks service and next I remember it was sunrise in the big apple. For you it may be a documentary, the key is that next episode is always just loading… Loading and loading until I get to gate 27 JFK.

Business tripping is my all the time but i really enjoy quality one on one time with my loved ones. My favorite trips are one's where I can recenter myself and go off the grid in a wellness rejuvenation. Every once in awhile it's good to get out of our day to day space and mix margaritas with my margaritas. I welcome you to note to self that  #girltribe getaway adventures not only are good for the soul(s) but also a very very good excuse to just be a woman in the world. there is power in numbers, gathering, and being together. It's magic. I've been bouncing all over lately rushing here, presenting there. This week I choose to rest. it will be in a small town, with no Uber, no Apple store, and no valet parking. we will bungalow, get sandy, and wake and sleep with the moon and sun. I invite you to take time for yourself when you can. For me, it's often forced upon me... and i'm grateful for it. On that note, I gotta plane to catch to Sayulita Life.



Taking some time for yourself and with friends can do wonders for your soul and recharge and prepare you for the next adventure life gives you. When you are traveling all over the world it's nice to put those meetings on hold and take a deep breath while dipping your toes in the salty sea. 



Now I must go for a #girltribe trip is ahead!

Cayla Evans
Cayla Evans

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