December 23, 2018 2 min read

Everyone knows I believe in magic. On my recent trip to Morocco, I found a very special place. It was the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech - previously owned by Yves Saint Laurent. I believe there is beauty all around us. I am concerned that I may have stumbled upon the vortex of this beauty – it may actually be this place in Marrakech... Further research is required, but I promise to get back to you on this place. In the meantime, may I present some findings.


This gorgeous, vibrantly painted, tranquil sanctuary was a passion project that lasted 40 years by French painter Jacques Majorelle, and then passed to Yves St. Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. After they fell in love with the garden in 1966, they ended up rescuing itin the early 80's from being lost to a real estate venture that would have ultimately replaced it with a hotel.

The street where the Garden is located is even named after YSL - in homage to his dedication in expanding the number of plants and restoring the fountains and structures in respect to what Majorelle had lovingly built.

As someone who wears black 361 days of the year, it is a major declaration for me to have decided to wear this shade of blue to honor Yves Saint Laurent and his beautiful gardens. I think I may reconsider my black uniform and perhaps integrate this color more in the new year. Watch for my new collections in 2018, including this shade of blue – and if you have room on your bucket list, add the garden Majorelle – it changed my life and my wardrobe...
Xoxo aviva



Estate in Blue with Swarovski

Mongolian in Ombre Twilight

Ombre Twilight on Crushed Velvet Cobble

Mongolian in Double Dipped Créme Blue

Twilight Bronti on Indigo

Bold Merchant Success
Bold Merchant Success

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