November 26, 2018 3 min read

Dream Chasing is a full time job.  At this point it's a lifestyle.  It is not a path that can be taken alone. In fact, it is because of the supporters around me that it is possible.  This year I am calling it "A Season of Gratitude".  This year we curate to inspire connectivity, wellness, and positive intention.  We  designed items for different types of people that make up our Design Tribe Community.  Our family, our friends, and our colleagues.  If you are receiving this email, we thank you for orbiting with us!
Our bundles of selenite are hand-selected and tied with sillk ribbon in our design studio in San Diego. 
For our Beloved "Rock Stars"
Selenite is our anchor mineral for the season. Each specimen has been hand-selected and curated one at a time in our design studio in San Diego. Selenite is a high vibration crystal. It delivers clarity of mind, and cleanses negative energy. It is said that Selenite attracts angels and good vibes.  The material is demure, pretty, and celebrates the simpler side of the beauty of crystals.  It is a powerful material that we would like to  make irresistible  and accessible to all!  
 You Drive me Cozy!  I wish I could quit you Cashmere!
This season we bring back our best selling Cashmere scarves and Baby Blankets  from our holiday shop at Grand Central Station. Our scarves are light, airy, oversized and warm.  Designed for travel by air, car, or stilletto. The baby blankets were designed when her sons Rocket and Hiro were small and both items have always anchored our holiday gifting season. 
 Mine! Berry Berry pretty pillows and cashmere scarf.
Say Yes to Wellness!
Himalayan Salt Space Purifier Kits
 Wellness Kits made easy.  We are happy to offer air purifier kits with a twist.  Literally!  Himalyan Salt kits with lavender and sage.  The goal was wellness with a side of delight when we developed these beauties.  It's fun to be able to gift "pretty" with perks.  It is said that himalayan salt to purifies air and clears negativity.  Perfect for the new year!  We love being able to give a reset, positive intentions, and "bottled courage" that's not bad for anyone. Yes, we love this one!
Ease:  As designers and Creatives our seasoned eyes have seen it all...  It is our pleasure to offer a series of "giftable" pilllows - a functional holiday greeting that is an instant pop to any space.  each is a celebration in itself of handwork, the artisan, and of course - the sparkle of the season. 
Birds symbolize peace and hope. These are Aviva's personal favorite! -We call this item "The Sparkle Family" Set of four - two bigs and two littles. Each bird ornament includes a clip, is made by hand with real feathers and super sparkly glitter. These charming friends atach very gracefully and easily on many surfaces as the clip is very strong... Aviva loves wearing them on her shoulder and she also wears them in her hair. (She thinks she's so fancy around the holidays!) These birds will bring a layer of delightful charm to any tree, garland, or tabletop setting. And for the record, yes, we agree that shoulders and hair-do's are also an appropriate place to show off these friends of feathered finery. :-)  Our warmest wishes for the Holiday Season.  

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