May 01, 2018 2 min read

Our pretty pretty showroom did not start off looking like this! [Photo by Katherine Kirchner.]

I am still not over how magical and interconnected last month'sHigh Point Furniture Marketwas... It was everything market strives to achieve: a sharing, inspiring and collaborative space and time when maker meets merchant. I love thinking of it as a beautiful waltz - some of these clients I've had a long time. We all know that we all come together, each with our own magical powers. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of our design tribe at market: we are so grateful to be able to orbit with such sparkling anchors in our community. So pretty right? I've also shared a little fun reality image game: I think it will make you guys laugh just as much as I did after I reviewed the evidence. Teehee!

#howtogetpoisonivy #calaminelotion #yogatoes

The back of the house vs the front of the house:

On the clock, off the clock - guess which one is which?  

We had an intern! And he survived all us ladies!  Good job Max! Now Get back to work!

Our crystal bar was popular!!! Hooray! 20 kilos of stones given away in 3 days! Wow!

Before and after the Fashion Snoops live paint even!

Thank You, Design Tribe. We Shine Together - the beauty is in the shared journey. xoxo a

Chris McGee - Piedmont Cares, Mr. Greg O’Neal - Cur8, Justina Blakeney, Browlee Currey - President of Currey & Company, Tom Conley - President of High Point Market Authority, Teddie and Courtney Garrigan - Coco and Dash, Camila Mello - Founder of Beauty Bar

Thank you to everyone that stopped by. We adored seeing everyone of you.

If you missed the market and would like to receive our newest lookbook or connect with our sales department click here.

xoxo see you all at the next one!
Aviva and the mermaids in socal.

P.S.: we have a new mermaid on our sales team! Please welcome Ms. Brittany. :-) Her first day was opening day of HPMKT - came straight off a redeye. WOW! We are now researching a very special tiara for this fearless warrior!  

Our newest fearless mermaid on the ASD Pillow Fight team!

xox aviva



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