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DearUnited Nations, thank you for inviting me to share my art with you, the delightful people that are in the Documents Building. In one hour we went from strangers to art buddies, covered 5-6 continents, spilled 4 glasses of wine, and laughed and smiled too many times to count. There were zero arguments, no border concerns, and not one treaty required to choreograph any of the sharing of territories on silk. The only things we needed were paint, canvas and our hands. Thank you for allowing this moment of pure bliss. It was a building filled with translators and the only language we needed was color and a playful spirit. I have glimpsed what world peace looks like - and it exists in each of us. It starts with a “what do we have here? Are you painting?” Why yes I am, Mr. Aba - care to join me?

My painted vintage kimono panels with the United Nations Flag

Just a few of the beautiful people that work toward world peace everyday that joined me on our painting adventure.

This is the beautiful flier that Ms. Lydia put together for me.

On Friday April 20, I started off the day as usual with my appointments with buyers - we are already working on “holiday”! My favorite quote of the day was: "Aviva, don’t worry, we will get you to the UN in time - let's just get Q3 and Q4 done first!” With minutes to spare, I set off for the east side - I had to be at the Documents Building for a live textiles painting activation and exhibition for members of the United Nations. Who thought paint, silk, and prosecco could be the seeds for global change?

Some essential materials.  I didn't realize we would run out of dye and started to paint with wine…World peace requires to think outside of the box, or bottle rather. Teehee!  

Ms. Masami offers a warm welcome, helping me prep for the exhibition.

Talk about serendipity and design tribe - I was lucky enough to have help in getting everything ready.  A special thank you to a fellow textile designer and kindred creative Ms.Masami Morimoto, who I had the pleasure of getting to know during my live painting and textiles talk at theFashion Institute of Technology. Ms. Masami graciously assisted in my presentation and activation at the UN and she was a complete dream. She was thoughtful, thorough, and was always thinking two steps ahead. Together we were like tofu and dumplings, which is exactly what we ordered up before our event. Yes, it’s true, I am fueled mostly by nuts and dumplings.

Global leaders take a break from diplomatic responsibilities and throw paint, salt and glitter around - we all had so much fun. Again, sorry about the mess, Housekeeping! There is now discussion about a possible second event, and even a more casual evening with members of the UN - a gathering of painting, chit chat and glitter.  Email ushere if you are interested in joining us in NYC at such an event.


The finished results hanging in the Albano Room at the United Nations. So honored and grateful for this unique moment to share what I love with others.   

xox aviva




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Beth Goodman
Beth Goodman

July 29, 2018

Fabulous post! Congratulations, Aviva. xxBeth (aka marie turnor)

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