In Other News: Market was Super Fabulous!


First, it has been a BIG week for us – WHEE! ABC Home is doing a “design and discover” on my collection Saturday via eblast…AND I’m officially noted on! I’m honored and truly grateful! I love what I do and appreciate when my customers share the beautiful things we make for them. ABC Home has supported my design studio since the first season I showed the line – Thank you ABC Home!

I showed our new collections (and some favorites) at the High Point Furniture Market last week. It was a great market for us, and we are so pleased to have seen a lot of your smiley faces, many familiar! Welcome new peeps!

I attend every market because I believe being face to face with my clients is really important. How else would I know what sells first, what people love, and how I can be taller and smarter?

Last Thursday was spent primping up our booth: details, details, details! I tried to take some photos of my booth, but my CFO says “stick to my day job”. I’ve snuck in some pics – please just ignore the fuzzies:

photo 1
My booth in ‘soft focus’
photo 3
Matchstick, hand dyed and seafan pillows on our reese chair (color of the chair is Solana)
photo 1
a collection of some shiny bling-y friends
photo 5
pressed flowers on printed velvet inside our willow on basketweave hassock

Opening day was BUSY, as usual, and I noticed that people were definitely in the mood to write orders. Some may say it’s the sparkles, others may say it’s the New Signature collections.  I call it rebuilding the American Home one pillow at a time!  My favorite Princess came by again (with her entourage) and gave me big hugs.  She’s super smart, super pretty (well she’s a Princess so duh!) and she gifted me not only with her delightful banter but also let me interview her about her thoughts on “Luxury and Home Design”. More on that to come…

Of course, there is no way I can go to market without doing a little inspiration hunting myself! Here we are (again with our fantastic photography skills) enjoying the finds at Cisco Village and my lovely colleagues at Four Hands.

photo 2
good advice, in lights
photo 1
layered textures
photo 4
oversized is the right size


Here are a few highlights of my fabu customers…

photo 4
These bracelets all together were a beautiful cocktail of color and texture.

All of my one of a kind hand felted oversized scarves sold out by the second day. Wow, Ladies! They rocked them right out of the booth!  How could I have said no?

photo 1

photo 3

We Heart You Jane Seymour! Thank you for stopping by (twice) and choosing my booth as your official favorite. We always love seeing you and helping you with your projects. 🙂

photo 2

That’s about it for this week. Lots of catching up to do after being away from the studio for a few days! If you need me, you’ll find me up to my elbows in dye – all shades of blue in fact. That was the most popular color this market.

Don’t forget to check out ABC Home! 🙂



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