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Hello Beauty!

As you know the wind blows me all around to different adventures and it’s not often I am anchored to my studio or my desk. Those of you that know me know that I am not a scribe, nor a public speaker. But I think we can all agree that I am not shy with sharing, saying my words, and especially celebrating beauty. I see beauty all around me. And I believe in magic. And so much of that beauty and light comes from all of you I orbit with. It comes from each of you in my tribe. It has inspired me to write these words and commit to sharing glimpses of my design studio, the amazing creatives and inspirational people we are blessed to orbit with. I invite each of you to shine your light with us and to take note of the sparkletunies all around us. Hooray!

Speaking of my tribe there is one woman whom I have adored since the day we met. I just didn’t have the courage to reach out to her. She seemed so amazing and I felt so mortal in her orbit. I’ve decided to kick off my relaunch of my blog with Ms. Jaye Anna Mize – a delightful woman, fearless and beautiful. I learned a lot from her and hope you find her as enchanting as I do.

Ms. Jaye Anna most recently graced Maison & Objet in Paris with her presence last week, where she led a conversation alongside three design masters about the power of storytelling, and the design trends we absolutely need to know about. If you missed your chance to hear her speak she’s back in NYC tomorrow Thursday September 14 at “What’s New What’s Next,” taking part in a panel discussion about something that happens to be one of my biggest driving forces: nature as a dominant design influence. Nature, Evolved will take place in the Phillips Collection showroom... where she will also speak about what she saw at Maison and where we see nature going as a trend. At Maison she saw 50 shades of green! Verdant hues were all the rage, used as a way to elevate contemporary design. Brushed brass was a key material, as were basket weaves and sustainable micro suedes. The ideals of comfort were definitely at play, whether convenience-driven products or overly stuff, rounded, or squishy shapes. 

Don’t miss your chance to hear her drop more pearls. You should probably just start following her now: @jayetastic

What's New What's Next | Jaye Anna Mize

Last month she invited me to take part of a live painting event at Square One Sourcing at Magic Show in Las Vegas. We took a few moments to catch up and chat before my live painting showcase, where I had invited people to engage with my painting. I’m so, so honored to have had the chance to let myself explore color and painting and notice how painting live in front of people stops them in their tracks, communicates to them without words, and taps into something within them that is not able to be described in simple adjectives. It’s a feeling and it readjusted their moods…it was really interesting! I guess that why Fashion Snoops are so good at what they do! They know things!

AS: Let’s open this with the most vital question so everyone knows who exactly it is we’re dealing with here. What is your spirit animal?

JAM: Jessica Rabbit!

AS: Tell us exactly what your job is, other than being super fabulous?

JAM: At Fashion Snoops we study consumer behavior to predict product development. It's part art & design and part science & psychology. We provide psychological and consumer driven design inspiration for brands to create!

Jaye Anna Mize inspoboard

AS: Are you some kind of super spy between home & fashion? (I accidentally deleted the question)

JAM: Who me? A spy never tells ;) As trend forecasters, we must see all aspects of the lifestyle to understand how consumers will consume products.

AS: Why am I painting in Las Vegas for you – other than the fact I'd do anything for you at any moment be it in Paris, Vegas, or NYC or wherever the wind may blow us?

JAM: Aw. #tradeshowbestie. Because you're amazing and uniquely you're own force of nature. The way you create and your brand vision is always ahead of the market so it's a natural fit to showcase you.

AS: Was it just lucky that you knew a half-Japanese textile designer? Or is that just destiny?

JAM: Destiny baby! I met you at my first home trade show ever (High Point, 8 years ago) & you've been a big piece of my career. I knew that regardless of what trend we asked you to do that you'd create something phenomenal.

AS: You started FS when you were at FIT – did you have an AHA moment that paved the road to now?

JAM: I definitely had an "oh shit don't lose this opportunity" moment & basically tailored all of my college courses around becoming a trend forecaster. I took extra art history, design & global business courses. It was very clear I had landed in my element & I was hooked very early on.

AS: What do you want to be when you grow up?

JAM: Rossana Orlandi, the Italian curator... I'm obsessed with her...

AS: Which designers reflect your own sensibility?

JAM: It changes by the season. I think the most important thing about being a forecaster is being fluid and open to being influenced. If you watch my personal style it changes by the day, as does my home. I'm constantly in flux. I am forever loving Tyler Hays (I have a super crush on him), Dimore Studio, Ilse Crawford, Faye Toogood, Nendo, Patricia Urquiola... the list could go on...

AS: What do you do to fire up your creativity?

JAM: Anything in nature. I grew up in the country so anything that gets me out of the city life. Also travel, I hate sitting still.

AS: Where are trends born?

JAM: Trends are never born, they evolve like Darwin. You have to train yourself to pay attention to the heartbeats that are happening.

AS: Is there a specific part of the world in your opinion that is leading in experimentation?

JAM: Berlin, Seoul, Johannesburg…

AS: How many countries do you visit in a year?

JAM: 5-10, it depends on the year. This year it will be 8.

AS: What are you top 10 must have’s for any jet setter.

JAM: I always have these 4 things... Red lipstick, hand sanitizer, a phone charger, and a damn good black dress... the rest is etc.

Jaye Anne Mize

AS: What’s your favorite/wackiest trend that’s come up since you’ve been doing this?

JAM: Ha! Hybrid culture storylines are now the craziest... people are so fluid with their interests these days they want to mix hard & soft, everything in at once - my favorites are all the plant and garden integrations into every day design products such as chairs or lights

AS: Has there ever been a moment when you underestimated a trend?

JAM: I underestimated minimalism because I thought it was boring.

AS: When it comes to trends how big is MAGIC’s impact?

JAM: Huge, MAGIC's the fashion trade show mecca

AS: What are you most excited to see this year at MAGIC?

JAM: Our square one installation- no ones done an installation at this scale in America so it's exciting

AS: Which trailblazer should we be keeping our eyes on?

JAM: Aviva Stanoff, that girl is killinggg it ;)

AS: There is so much noise out there on the topic of harnessing Millennials' shopping power. How do you address that? Or what changes do you anticipate seeing at MAGIC that singles out the next generation of shoppers?

JAM: Any brand that's adapted digitally. Get your brand up to speed on Instagram shopping options. Be able to scale your digital shopping platforms for new social media waves. I expect more & more trade shows will become more digitally enhanced & have innovative activations that are interesting to buyers attending.

AS: How much of yourself and your living space reflect the current trends?

JAM: No my whole living space is eclectic & monochromatic neutrals

AS: May we ask you what the trends might be for 2018 with regard to "Sparkletunities"?

JAM: Hmm my favorite trend we did for 2018 was called Time Traveler, it took antique silhouettes & design & elevated them through technology innovations.

AS: How important is your tribe to you?  What percentage of people in your tribe are "homies" vs. on the road "carnies"?

JAM: My tribe is my life. They are the only ones who understand. My homies are always the ones with me, the carnies come and go - they get weeded out quickly.

AS: May I gift you a present for being part of my blog?  And also, may I ask you to select someone else we orbit with that I may gift as a random act of kindness?  Who would that be and why?

JAM: You may if you want but I owe you the gift at this point. I'd select Caroline Hipple, for always being so kind and a true inspiration in the industry ❤

Thank you Ms. Jaye Anna Mize – for sharing, taking the time and being in my Tribe. 



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