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Your Inner Goddess texted me earlier - you are to report for Goddess Warrior duty. :-)
The picture that inspired a movement. This portrait taken by Laura Austin

“Aviva Stanoff reporting for duty”. When I say “I’m reporting for duty”  I’m feeling like I’m fighting for something.  I feel that way because I am surrounded by others that are putting in time to make the world a more beautiful place.  We are all together and it's true what they say:  "It takes a village".   I’ve been  at this dream chasing thing  ever since the day I graduated with my MFA.   Every day is different: Some days I’m defending. Some days I’m making. Some days I’m exploring and romancing. Today, I am showcasing. I'd like to introduce Ms. Katherine Kirchner. Sometimes lightning strikes when two creatives get together.  Buckle in because there’s a storm coming.

If you like stories about creatives that make pretty pictures that evoke emotion and command attention, you’ll like this blog post. If you want to learn how one picture carried me through a year as a reminder of being an empowered woman, you’ll love this blog post.
Some people have special powers. Katherine's  is capturing beauty and strength in her subjects. Some of the images raise the hair on my arms. I spent 20 years in NYC and most of it in Brooklyn… not a lot gives me the shivers. She has a funny knack for combining the beauty of humans with their natural environments. She captures their strengths, their vulnerabilities, and the beauty of the Earth and that moment of time we share with her.
Johnny Blue Eyes, Laura Austin and I were having coffee just after Sunrise. I was folding fabric I had painted with guests the day before. It was windy. Johnny told me to toss my poncho on. So I did, and he started draping, Laura started shooting. These pictures were spur of the moment, no make-up, no lighting, no underpants… just fabric clips and sunrise on this sacred land.  I knew one thing - we were inspired and I trusted these beautiful spirits. This moment captured has been a gentle reminder to be strong in moments of doubt. A silent strong image that I can just be me. I don’t need makeup, or expensive clothes, or product or anything... Just. Be. Me. I love these pics of me - they are pure. They capture something that I didn’t know I had. As an entrepreneur, a girlboss, I feel that any little thing that reminds me that I can get through this (whatever it may be that day) is a good thing. This picture was that for me - and I loved that it's not the flavor of beauty that we are bombarded with in our everyday lives of photoshop, filters, and perfect lives on all those feeds. I like the no filter of the experience….
We all have such strength and beauty.  We all have our unique light that shines from within… not all of us have a traditional beauty but believe me - we all glow with a ferocity.. you don't let anyone tell you any different. Celebrate your inner strength. You are beautiful.  Have someone take some pics that you LOVE of yourself. If you want to come shoot with us, just let me know. We’d love to have you. I believe in magic, Join the movement.
Xoxo aviva and katherine
Interview with Aviva and Katherine
Aviva:  What is your Spirit Animal Ms. Katherine?
Katherine: My spirit animal is a wolf. No doubt. I am very focused and hyper observant, constantly paying attention to my surroundings and behavior. I don't trust new people easily, but I have my pack and I would do anything to protect them and ensure their success.
A; Do you believe in magic?
K: I do believe in magic, religion and miracles in the abstract. They exist in a form I can't see or understand, but their presence is undeniable. I'll  never try to bend magic to suit my own needs, just let it be and accept the gift when it's offered.
A: Warrior Portraits:  please discuss!
K: When shooting the warrior portraits, I'm constantly considering ways to make the current situation slightly more epic (visually) than it was a second ago.. The, attitude of my subjects reflect back on me; when they smile, I smile. If they feel strong, so do I. So, I always want to offer and accept as much confidence as possible for the both of us!
A:what is the power that imagery has to the human spirit?
K: Imagery is one of the most important human senses. It has the power to strike an emotion or change minds. Especially in our social media world, where news travels faster than ever, a single image of a child in distress can rock an entire nation.
A:As a vehicle to bring these powerful images to people it occurred to me that  it’s like a Super Power. Which makes you a Super Hero! What color is your cape?  (I already know it’s red….)
K: I love the idea of manipulating emotions based on an image I have presented. Making anyone stop and think for even a moment is powerful. If they just appreciate the beauty of something, great, but if it makes them reconsider a preconceived idea, that's a pretty cool superpower.
Haha! Yes my color is red.
My cape is red, my hood is red, my everything is red. It's a color that makes me feel strong.
A:What are the three things that you carry on in an airplane?
K: Obviously I always have my camera, especially when I travel. It never leaves my side! And I never fly without headphones, a crossword, and a Diet Coke!
A:  What are you most grateful for?
K: I am most grateful for the guidance I have received through the years. I am lucky to have many successful people believe in me so much that they want to share their experience and guide me to my own achievements. If you know how to listen and take their advice, it will save time and prevent unnecessary mistakes. It will also open doors to opportunities and if you are willing and prepared to say yes, wonderful things happen.
It just takes one person to trust you to withhold the wisdom and experience they can provide, and give you the chance to prove yourself worthy.
I would be nothing without their support.
“I am thrilled to work with Aviva to create the Tribal Goddess Collective. She makes me feel like I can do anything and there’s no-one I would rather team up with on an epic adventure such as this! Being all too familiar with insecurity, especially in front of a camera, I dedicate most of my photography to making people feel powerful and beautiful. Similar to Aviva, I am not so interested in what people look like, rather, the energy they carry and the positivity they put forth. Attitude is everything! When I shoot, I try to connect with my subjects, talking with them while giving direction, so I can pull their personalities out from the superficial shell. I also manipulate the available landscapes to take in as much scenery as possible, while making my subject stand out from it. I want to spread confidence like wildfire by utilizing my skills and partnering with a fierce feminine warrior who reminds me that anything is possible.” Katherine Kirchner
Instagram: @katherine_kirchner
Facebook: Katherine Kirchner - Photographer

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