March 08, 2018 3 min read

Gentle Reader, do not try this at home.  This is a story about adventure on a rainy Saturday night in NYC.   We are sharing our experience and it is a bit naughty…

Somewhere in the middle of 7 cities in 7 days of working hard, running from one appointment to another, being on time, and having all my politeness levels on maximum for days on end, I had to blow off some steam.  It was then I was invited to a challenge by a friend: to sneak into the Metropolitan Opera on a Saturday night.  This would eventually be referred to as Operation Black Tie. My friend, who shall not be named, happened to be in the performance. No one would get into trouble… but just in case I called a friend and mentioned there may be a request for bail money later that night.  I left her my cc details. 

Our intention was pure adventure- never to hurt anyone or be bad. On this particular night the New York Metropolitan Opera was performing Rossini's Semiramide. Although our black tie operation clearly seems to beg for comedy, the evening instead called for the perfect tragedy about a legendary Babylonian queen, who helped a lover murder her husband. Except that she had set her eyes on a different would-be lover to replace her king. The twist: her would-be lover turned out to be her son.

Our stealth point of entry? An underground tunnel. What I can admit is that we share a sparkle in our eyes when we discuss adventure, new experiences, and a love for the arts.  Both adventurous in spirit with a shared sense of fearlessness, I had a hard time not taking said friend up on the Mission…  It was an exercise in blending in, confidence, and testing boundaries.

Meeting Point:  an undisclosed tunnel on the upper west side. Be there at 7pm sharp. Latecomers will be left behind.

Step one: dress the part.

Note: requisite black cocktail attire. Must blend in. Black is recommended– it’s why I wear all black, all the time. You never know when you have to report for duty for an Operation Black Tie. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We made one exception: you're allowed a trench coat in inclement weather. 

Step two: sneak past security through stage door. (They are usually in tuxedoes.)

We made sure to stop and admire some iconic pieces on display. Because when at the Met…

We love divas singing soprano, but we really went for the Tiffany chandelier and champagne.

Step three: take a picture to capture the occasion!

Step 4:  Insta-moment!

We took the time to celebrate the current trending meme-making Gucci Challenge. Next challenge accepted! And we raise you with 4,900 sparkletunities as our favored back drop. 

Step five: celebrate appropriately to the occasion.

Our black tie tribe toasts to a mission well accomplished.   

One setback: the champagne bill was higher than the entire budget of the black tie mission for all four of us girls, which included Uber rides, trench coats and umbrellas.

There is a thrill to mischievous adventure with your girlfriends. To enjoy one of the highest forms of art, opera, in such a setting on a rainy Saturday night is an honor and an evening I will never forget.  The bail money we had prepared was never needed – we decided instead to go across the street and spend it on a fabulous meal.

The performance itself was fabulous—our friend performed brilliantly on stage— and sparkling under the Tiffany chandeliers with my favorite girls was priceless… 

Names have been omitted to protect the innocent (and the guilty).

xox aviva


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